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From Our Readers
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"We finally have a magazine for church planters! I have been a planter for over 4 years now and planting a second church now. I wish I had something like this when I first started. This magazine is even better than many other resources because of it being fully digital and interactive."
-Mover TC
"With monthly articles from a mix of those on the front lines of church planting, have planted churches, pastors, or those involved in missional living, this is an awesome read! I can't wait to see who's in the next issues and what's written. Being able to sit down, when possible, and pick up right where I left off, keeps me informed, sharpened, and up to date. Thanks CP Mag!"
"This is a very helpful resource for people that are either planting a church, on staff at an established church, in leadership at a church or a person wanting to be in leadership in a church. This magazine has done a great job with publishing both established pastors and pastors that are on the cutting edge of Church Planting!"
"This is really cool. Finally a magazine that is made for church planters and their families. Church planting is very different from every other type of ministry and these guys get that."
-Ice skate Jami
"CAUTION: Reading this magazine could increase your heart-rate resulting in an ever increasing desire to love the world, share Christ and see the gospel spread to all nations. Side affects include itching to share your faith, burning desire to see the lost come to Christ, enlarging faith, reduction in selfishness and shortening of the Lord's coming."
"Great information. Get encouraged every month."
"This will give you great ideas, inspiration and a shot in the arm to advanced the Kingdom of God."
"I dare you to read this magazine and not be affected or influenced to help support a church planter or be a part of a new start for a faith community in Jesus! These guys that write for this magazine are not just sitting in a classroom talking about church planting - they are in the trenches living it out! Read this magazine and also listen to both Hardcore Church Planting Podcast! You will thank me and never be the same!"
"This is a great magazine with a unique perspective. It is down to earth and makes you think."
"So glad to have found this magazine! As a church planter, 1.5 years in, I'm finding the encouragement and creative guidance I need to keep me moving forward personally. I also appreciate the stories from planting adventures in other parts of the US and around the world. I would highly recommend this magazine to any current or future church planting dreamers. It's an honor to be counted among you all!"
-learnin' to pastor
"This is a great resource! It would take forever to do all of this research personally. CPM has done that research for me. Thanks for all you do!"
"I really enjoyed this issue of Church Planter Magazine. This looks to be a great resource for church planters."
"Top notch!!!"
"I'm relatively new to the game when it comes to church planting. I'm moving from Ohio to Calgary, Canada to plant and I've been absolutely devouring the wisdom found in the magazine and in the podcast. Pete and Peyton, God is using you to change my life! Thank you for creating an app and podcast that have eternal purpose!"
-Chris Flora
"If you are looking for real, genuine, and a proper glimpse of what church planting is really like, then this is exactly what you need. The interviews and blog posts are sometimes not what we want to hear but what we need to hear. There are some very practical things to absorb as well as some prophetic utterances that might move you to action. I've been a reader since day 1 and I can't wait to see and read the next issue as well."
-Dragon Rapido
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