I Subscribed, but Nothing is Downloading.

Q) You’ve subscribed but you still see the yellow subscribe button and no issue is downloaded.

A: This is something that can happen due to a connection error between the iPad and the Apple servers. If this happens please advice perform the following steps:

  • Fully close the magazine, tap on the home button to ensure you have exited the magazine, then double tap the home button. All the opened apps will appear at the bottom of the ipad. Press and hold on top of the magazine, the apps will start to shake, tap on the red minus sign to Fully close the magazine
  • Make sure you are loged in with the same Apple id that subscribed to the magazine. To do this, tap on the Settings app, scroll down and tap on the store app, double check that the same Apple ID is being used. if not, sign out and sign in with the correct Apple ID
  • Relaunch the Magazine. Go to the Newsstand App and tap on the magazine to launch it. The splash page will appear and then the magazine home screen will show. The page should be updated and now the yellow subscribe button would have been replaced with a grey Restore button.
  • Restore all purchases. The client can tap on the restore button if desired to redownload all previously purchased magazine issues