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Interview with Propaganda

| Volume 3 Issue 4 | No Comments

Recently we had the opportunity to talk with hip-hop and spoken word artist, Jason Petty aka Propaganda. His album, ‘Excellent,’ released in 2012, made it to No. 4 on the iTunes Hip-Hop Chart. He has since then gone on to more and more success with nationwide tours and in 2014…


Book Review by Josh L. Henry

| Volume 3 Issue 4 | No Comments

“Viva la Revolucion Permanente!” Alan Hirsch and Tim Catchim have produced an incredible, call to action for the Church in the West to heed. Though they humbly submit their work, “The Permanent Revolution”, as a beginning correspondence in the coming conversation about apostolic and missional movements, the authors write from…


Flames of Hope

| Volume 3 Issue 4 | No Comments

When I was a child I loved sitting around a campfire and watching the flames burn the wood. I thought that fire was only a beautiful thing. Now that I am an adult I still love a good campfire but unfortunately I have seen the dark side of what flames…


7 Principles for Church Planting According to the NT Pattern

| Volume 3 Issue 4 | No Comments

I recently spent some quality time with one of the best church planters in a particular city. In just a few years he has planted almost 10 campuses or extensions of the original church he started almost 10 years ago. He was also involved in a prayer meeting with other…


10 Predictions About the Future Church and Shifting Attendance Patterns

| Volume 3 Issue 4 | No Comments

Every generation experiences change. But sometimes you sense you’re in the midst of truly radical change, the kind that happens only every few centuries. Increasingly, I think we’re in such a moment now. Those of us in in Western culture who are over age 30 were born into a culture…


The Apostle and Their Ego

| Volume 3 Issue 4 | No Comments

Sometimes, what appeals to us in the word and world of the apostle is the sense of grandeur and even importance it conjures. I think this is a deep misunderstanding of the calling of an apostle. We should not aspire to engage in apostolic ministry or apostolic calling because it…