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The Home, A Way for Mission

| Volume 3 Issue 10 | No Comments

We live in the most connected time in world history yet societally we are as isolated as we have ever been. We are connected through Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Pinterest, Instagram, GroupMe, texting and whatever else some bored Ivy League student creates next week. 222 million adults in the U.S….


Stay forth church planter!

| Volume 3 Issue 10 | No Comments

I meet new church nearly planters every week. The number one thing I sense in church planters is restlessness. Our culture is knee deep in the rising waters of restlessness, and it has led us down the raging river of discontent. Even as ministers of the great gospel of grace…


Anomaly Leadership

| Volume 3 Issue 10 | No Comments

There is a contradictory statement about leadership that people often use:”Change is normal.” The statement represents the way that we seek to deal with the anomalies of life. In both places that I work it seems to be a motto we live by. At LifeWay we have gone through a…


3 Pieces of Advice From a Church Planter to Church

| Volume 3 Issue 10 | No Comments

When I planted my first church in Buffalo in 1988, I was considered strange. People asked why I was planting a new church instead of pastoring an established one and wondered aloud if maybe I couldn’t land a real ministry job. From that time to today, the sentiment around church…


Be the Church

| Volume 3 Issue 10 | No Comments

I spent my first few years as a pastor at a really large church near Chicago. I will be forever grateful to the staff I worked with during those years. My life, character and theology were shaped in profound ways during that time, and yet I still wondered; was this…


The Only Way to Make Disciples

| Volume 3 Issue 10 | No Comments

Patiently… It’s also the only way to make a community, multiply a community, and plant new communities in a healthy way. But it’s also not the American way, nor the American church way. We want to treat discipleship like it functions on a factory assembly line, having people line up…


The Watered Down Gospel

| Volume 3 Issue 10 | No Comments

The Conversion Corruption What if I told you that Jesus never asked us to win converts? What if I said that of all the commands of Scripture, getting people to accept Jesus isn’t one of them? What if I suggested that getting people to believe in Jesus or even to…


Is The Smartphone Killing Weekend Church Services?

| Volume 3 Issue 10 | No Comments

As almost everyone by this point has noticed, even committed church attenders are attending weekend church services less often. Online options are one of the main reasons committed Christians are attending church less frequently. But just how seriously is technology digging into attendance and Carey Nieuwhof is the lead and…


3 Non-Negotiables When Building Your Launch Team

| Volume 3 Issue 10 | No Comments

There is something amazing about church planters. They are kind of like decathletes. A decathlete can do 10 different Olympic events, but normally doesn’t stand out in any one area. I am amazed when I see church planters because often they are leading worship, teaching, casting vision, setting up/tearing down,…