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A Bivo Journey

A Bivo Journey – Heading Back to Move Forward

| Volume 3 Issue 8 | No Comments

There are thousands of pastors leaving the ministry each month. Sad but true. But there are also thousands more graduating from seminary and seeking jobs in churches or planting new ones. So what’s the problem? It may seem like the professional church eco-system is regulating itself just fine, other than…


Growing the Church God’s Way

| Volume 3 Issue 8 | No Comments

All living things grow. It is a natural part of life. Think of a plant. When it grows to a point of maturity it produces seeds, which spread out and grow into new plants. God’s natural design for growth is through the process of replication. When a living thing reaches…


5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Bi-Vocational Ministry

| Volume 3 Issue 8 | No Comments

I began my ministry career bi-vocationally. We revitalized a church and planted two finding ways to supplement our income. In the second church plant we didn’t expect the growth we experienced, which caused us Ron Edmondson is a pastor and church leadership consultant. Ron led in two church plants and…


Raising BiVo Church Planters

| Volume 3 Issue 8 | No Comments

Youth Must Build Rock drummer legend Neal Peart was just quoted in Rolling Stone as saying “I sang the hymns and I read the Bible stories, but I was always perplexed, like, ‘Really? Jesus wants you for a sunbeam? For a what?’” Even as a little boy, Peart seemed to…


Nine Flavors of BiVo

| Volume 3 Issue 8 | No Comments

There are 1,000 ways to skin a cat. There 5 ways to cook a turkey. There are at least 9 ways to be bivocational. Every year more church leaders need to find income from non-traditional sources, and this is a crucial Alan Briggs is the Director of Frontline Church Planting,…


Bi-Vocational Beyond the Theory

| Volume 3 Issue 8 | No Comments

I’d like to outline a couple of ideas I’ve been working on for how to train people to be bi-vocational church planters. I believe that people need two years to immerse themselves fully into a community and their practices to really walk away with the skill-set necessary to plant this…