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Interview with Efrem Smith

| Volume 3 Issue 5 | No Comments

Recently our chief editor, Peyton Jones had a chance to sit down and talk with Efrem Smith about. Efrem is the President and CEO of World Impact, an urban missions organisation committed to transforming communities through Church Planting. Tell us about your upbringing and some of your story? I was…


Urban Islands Project

| Volume 3 Issue 5 | No Comments

Urban Islands Project exists to address the hole in our cities – what we call the urban “O”, meaning that when it comes to the incarnational presence of the church, our cities look a lot like the letter “O” – they have a hole in the middle. Urban Islands Project…


What Makes a Great Community Group Leader?

| Volume 3 Issue 5 | No Comments

How do you measure success for a Community Group? Is it a checklist of missional activities? A number of people? How many times the community has multiplied? Is it identifying a group of people to care for and serve? If you checked with a number of different approaches, you’d get…



| Volume 3 Issue 5 | No Comments

It all began in a boat on a lake with a few fishing poles. It was there, surrounded by the lazy water, my dad and I would have a key conversation that would change the trajectory of my life. My dad was giving me a simple update on his life…



| Volume 3 Issue 5 | No Comments

I hate being talked down to, being treated as if I am inferior in some way to the one speaking to me. I see this often from preachers and other public speakers. The same goes for reading, when an author dot-to-dots a concept as if I, the reader, am incapable…


5 Things Starbuck’s Can Teach the Church About Effective Evangelism

| Volume 3 Issue 5 | No Comments

Currently there are about 12,000 Starbucks stores across the United States.* These 12,000 stores are strategically located in high end strip malls, busy corners and Target Store entrances. They are designed to draw us in and give us the coffee (and snacks and atmosphere and, did I say coffee?) we…