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5 Ways of Communicating Better

| Volume 3 Issue 9 | No Comments
Communication is a key component to leadership. If you are communicating, then you are leading in some way. Here are five principles that you can begin using immediately to help you communicate, and thus lead, better. 1. Use positive language. Draw people to your point by inspiring them. If you…

Leaders, you must ask ‘Why’ but you also need to say ‘No’

| Volume 3 Issue 9 | No Comments
Steve Jobs famously said, “I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.” He was ruthlessly focused as a leader. Many of us have a difficult time saying, “No,” but leaders must do so. A wise leader must also constantly ask, “Why?” Not because…

5 Keys to Building a Church Planting Movement

| Volume 3 Issue 9 | No Comments
When I was a kid I loved building things with LEGO bricks, but I always got frustrated with myself when what I built fell apart. If you take the time to read that sentence again slowly, you may discover where we are going here. That sentence had “I” mentioned four…

SEND puts the soul back into Music City

| Volume 3 Issue 9 | No Comments
DAY 1 A sold-out crowd of more than 13,000 from all 50 states and four Canadian provinces flooded into Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena to celebrate the call of Jesus and the response of life on mission at the 2015 Send North America Conference Monday. Presented for the first time in partnership…

The Falling Sky

| Volume 3 Issue 9 | No Comments
Chicken Little is an old story. Very old. Versions of this story — of some small animal being hit on the head by falling fruit, hysterical about the certain doom of all things and the end of the world — go back more than two millennia. The satire resounds because…

5 Thoughts Beyond Defunding Planned Parenthood

| Volume 3 Issue 9 | No Comments
As the church responds to Planned Parenthood’s horrific practices, we are right to advocate to our government to end the funding of this organization. We must implore a government that exists to create the flourishing of a society for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to not fund an…

Gospel Ministry: Part Two

| Volume 3 Issue 9 | No Comments
In my last article about Gospel Ministry, I introduced the first essential in planting a church: Gospel Preaching. Preaching is, at the very least, one primary way people get the gospel. Preaching must have primacy in your ministry. You should consider yourself willing to grow and mature in your preaching…

How Should Church Planters Respond To Gay Marriage?

| Volume 3 Issue 9 | No Comments
The Reality After twelve years, he was leaving his wife and kids. “I realize that I can no longer live in the shadows and secrets of my day-to-day life,” was the way that he revealed being gay. I’ll be honest—I saw it coming—it was just a feeling that I had.…

Should you be staying or should you be going?

| Volume 3 Issue 9 | No Comments
I buy a lot of coffee for church planters. Most times they are fresh to town, and they’re ready to charge hell with a super soaker. A few sips into my coffee I ask them, “If this church doesn’t make it are you going to stay?” They usually have no…